Sunday 26 March 2023
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Chiloba: I wasn’t chased from Yvonne Wamalwa’s funeral

IEBC boss Ezra Chiloba has dismissed reports that he was chased from Yvonne Wamalwa’s burial in Kitale on Saturday.

News circulating on social media is “fake, propaganda and a distortion of reality”, he said via Twitter later that day.

It had been reported that Chiloba had to flee after a group demanded his departure. Trouble allegedly started when senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka rose to introduce some of the VIPs who made it to the Milimani home.

When Lusaka mentioned the executive’s name, youths reportedly shouted him down, booed and demanded that Chiloba leave. Some are said to have termed him a traitor who sold out the Luhya community.

Though the youth were calmed down, it is said Chiloba realised his presence was causing problems so he sneaked out of the venue before the burial ended.

But Chiloba praised his home county and noted: “That video clip is another distortion of reality! Editing my farewell remarks to a number of youths who wanted to say jambo. Our Trans Nzoia county is great, with a great people!”

In response to a tweet with the claim, he said: “Lots of FAKE NEWS today. Let us all be advocates of TRUTH – at all times. It doesn’t matter how long it takes! As a matter of fact, the event went on very well. There is lots of genuine LOVE and good FOOD in Trans Nzoia county (TNC) – And that is my home.”

Politicians flexed muscles at the funeral even though Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa’s family requested them not to do this. Political talk is common at funerals across Kenya.

Wamalwa rapped politicians who had been trading accusations and refuted claims that the government neglected Yvonne, who was the widow of former VP Kijana Wamalwa.

“Check for the correct information with the family. She always served and died as an ambassador. The information you have given is wrong and I must correct that perception,” he told Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa.

“I, Eugene Wamalwa, am the only family spokesman and no one can speak on our behalf.”

The minister asked politicians from the Western region to change their scope and work towards uniting the Luhya community. He noted “great need” for all leaders to work together and stop name-calling.

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