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See What happened to Governor Samboja at Tamarind Hotel in Mombasa

MOMBASA KENYA Feb  10, 2018 – It is now emerging that there might be no political differences amongst Taita Taveta leaders after all.

This is after the long-time political nemesis Taita Taveta Governor, Granton Samboja, immediate former Wundanyi MP Thomas Mwadeghu and businessman Alui Mbela were spotted enjoying a hearty chat at the lavish Tamarind Hotel in Mombasa on Friday.

According to our sources, the three leaders seemed to enjoy each other’s company and held what appeared to be deep discussions that may have focused on Governor Samboja’s development agenda for Taita Taveta County and perhaps the future of Coastal politics.

Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja

More often, the leaders exchanged pleasantries and amid friendly laughter as they enjoyed the indubitable hospitality from Tamarind staff.

We have also established that the leaders reportedly expressed willingness to collaborate with and support the youthful Samboja, who is a first-time governor and seems to enjoy a lot of support from across the county.

Sources privy to the discussions said the three leaders, discussed a myriad of issues  and touched on development projects and the issues facing the County Government of Taita Taveta and the people of the Coastal region.

“I think this is a good thing and it’s a sign that Governor Samboja, Alui Mbela and  Hon. Mwadeghu are sitting together,  I hope to talk about issues. They may be onto something bigger, I think, ” remarked our source.

“If Governor Samboja manages to rally his political opponents to support his development agenda, we are likely to see a new dawn of politics in Taita Taveta and by extension, coastal region.  Quite frankly, I think this is what the County needs, considering the potential it has,” quipped our source, who divulged to us this development on condition of anonymity.

The Governor has been heard saying that he was planning to reach out to political leaders from the Coastal region and this could be the start.

Well, we will wait and see what transpires…

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