Saturday 22 January 2022
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Kenyan consumers shy away from funding grand HQs and big entertainment budgets for Internet providers

Kenyan internet consumers would rather get high quality technical services from providers that offer ‘no frills’ high-speed internet than pay extra for large marketing, entertainment and headquarter budgets, according to a month-long poll of Kenyan internet buyers run prior to the new round of subscription price rises from the country’s leading providers.
More than four out of five respondents to the social media poll in August 2018 said they did not want to cover the cost of lavish headquarters, executive entertainment, or hefty marketing budgets in their own internet subscription.
This preference for low-cost services is rising, as consumers find their budgets further squeezed by extra taxes and higher costs across multiple goods, including fuel and airtime.
“The association that Kenyan consumers typically have between high price and high quality is still there – as we saw in our poll from the 17 per cent who wanted to cover the extra HQ and marketing costs in their Internet subscription. But it is breaking down, as customers move to viewing home internet as an essential utility and seek only speed, reliability and service, without paying a premium for a grand brand,” said Andy Halsall, CEO of poa! Internet.
For the larger brands offering premium price home connections, hefty brand and glamour budgets are typically adding several hundred shillings a month to customers’ internet bills.

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