Thursday 1 June 2023
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Parliament postpones voting on Gender Bill

The National Assembly on Wednesday forced to postpone voting on the gender bill due to lack of required numbers.

This was after Leader of Majority Aden Duale called for the voting to be pushed to February 2019 over lack of quorum in the House.

According to Mr. Duale, the Bill – which requires quorum of 233 members in the House – would have flopped if voted on on Wednesday and would then have to be considered earliest in June next year.

The Garissa Township Member of Parliament, however, opined that deferring the Bill on Wednesday will allow for it to heard and voted on in February when the House membership quorum is likely to be achieved.

The legislator said that, if the Bill flops on Wednesday, then it will have to be republished again in the next session, after which members will have to wait for 14 days plus an additional 90 days for maturity and fresh public participation before it is presented before the House for consideration.

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