Monday 23 May 2022
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Small traders lose as taxis gain on day of CBD matatu ban.

Businesses situated at popular matatu stages in the city centre bore the brunt of reduced activity occasioned by a directive disallowing matatus into the Central Business District (CBD) as taxis and boda boda operators enjoyed booming business.

shoe shiners set up at bus stages as well as casual labourers handling menial jobs, newspaper sellers and sweet vendors experienced reduced sales as most workers were forced to alight on the town periphery.

Eateries, mobile phone shops and other businesses located along traditional matatu stages within Nyamakima, along Ronald Ngala street, Tom Mboya, Ambassador, OTC, Latema, Accra and River Road areas among others were mostly idle.

Meanwhile, at the Kencom stage taxis and boda boda operators enjoyed booming business as they capitalised on the disruption to hike charges for ferrying the sick and other Kenyans heading to Kenyatta National Hospital by up to three times.

Commuters leaving town for Upper Hill reported paying motorbike operators Sh200, with those not able to fork out the extra cost being forced to walk to work. Owners of personal vehicles were also spotted at major stages such as Kencom picking passengers to transport them at a fee.


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