Saturday 19 June 2021
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George Magoha dismisses new curriculum critics

EDUCATION Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has maintained that the rollout of the new curriculum will go on as planned despite opposition from The Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT .Speaking on Tuesday morning during the launch of training of teachers on the competency-based curriculum, Prof Magoha said there is no turning back and warned critics that they are only wasting their time.

“We shall not tolerate cases where staff of the Ministry fails to coordinate their activities jointly with the TSC. I shall take stern action against my staff who will be reported as having failed to cooperate with those of the TSC in discharging education duties to learners…..I will personally be part of the teams that will travel to various counties to monitor this exercise to ensure it goes as planned,” he said.

He defended the new curriculum saying it will ensure that graduates will end up become job creators rather than just job seekers.KNUT has been vocal against the replacement of the 8-4-4 curriculum, repeatedly warned that teachers are ill-trained urging teachers to boycott training seminars on the new curriculum, terming the tutoring illegal.

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