Saturday 19 June 2021
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Muslim leaders oppose prevention of terrorism bill

Muslim leadership and Islamic institutions has appealed to Senate not to pass the Prevention of Terrorism Ammendment bill 2018,saying that School administrators and parents dont have the capacity to detect radicalisation.

Speaking on Thursday while presenting their memorandum to the Senate departmental committee on Administration and National security,the chairman of the National Muslim leaders forum(NAMLEF) Abdullahi Abdi says that the ammendments seeks to turn
parents,schooladministrators,relatives, teachers into agents of state security apparatus yet they don’t have the resources nor the skill in intelligence gathering.

On his part the vice chair of NAMLEF Ali Yusuf Murugu says that the ammendments  are discriminatory as radicalization is a phenomenon that goes beyond institutions of learning and therefore creating a specific obligation to only academic administrators or relatives is discriminatory and contrary to the bill of rights.

The leaders also argue that the ammendments are not justifiable because there is already adequate legal framework to deal with terrorism giving an example of the prevention of Terrorism Act which criminalizes propagation of radical views and also abetting of the same.

The amendment Bill is sponsored by Nominated Senator Naomi Waqo wants all institution administrators mandated and charged with the duty of ensuring measures is put in place in their respective institutions to prevent radicalization and violent extremism.

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