African Arts Promotion Network (AAPRON)

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Welcome to Africa arts promotion network (AAPRON) >> AFRICAN STONES TALK: International Sculpture Symposium. 2018 Kisii Kenya >>



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African Arts Promotion Network (AAPRON) an NGO registered in Kenya by the NGO Coordination Board. .



Several monumental stone sculptures made for public and private spaces in many parts of the world, including:
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  • “Birds at Rest” 2017, Green granite semi-abstract sculpture of several birds in one stone for Kenya Commercial Bank Simba House, Nairobi.


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  • “Mama Kuni” 2016, green granite monument for art collector, Mr. Mugwe Manga, of Limuru, Kenya.   


Image 03
  • “Elkana O. Ong’esa: The Elephant Family” 2014
    12’ x 7’x 6’, Proposed Center Piece for 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC. The 25-ton granite Monument never went to USA because it was too heavy to be airlifted.       




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